🌿 Independent audit is the type of audit conducted by auditors of companies, professional audit offices.
🌿 Independent audit is a consulting service that is recognized by law and strictly managed. Relationship between auditing entities (auditors / auditing organizations and audited economic units) is the relationship of purchase and sale of services, the economic unit is audited to pay service fees to auditors as agreed in the audit contract.
🌿 Independent auditors are those who meet the audit standards and legal regulations on auditing practice.
🌿 Independent auditor mainly operates in the field of auditing financial statements, providing financial advisory services, accounting. In addition, depending on the economic period and the specific requirements of customers, independent auditors also perform other services such as performance audit, compliance audit and especially audit of price statements. value of the completed basic construction, determination of the value of the capital contribution.
🌿 Independent audit activity is a very popular audit activity in countries with developed economies, so auditing is generally considered an independent audit activity.
🌿 In the independent audit activity, the main audit of financial statements, according to which an independent audit is an independent audit of financial statements.

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